Development status of fan gearbox

Wind power gearbox is the key part of wind power generator. With the development of wind power, wind power gearbox has also obtained good development prospects.Domestic enterprises still have the problem of insufficient technical capability. They need to know the key technology of gear box manufacturing, improve the technical level and meet the market demand.

Wind power is abundant, and wind power generation has a very broad development prospect. Therefore, fan gearbox has a broad development space in the future.At present, the main wind power equipment in the market includes double feedback generation and direct drive generation, of which double feedback generation is the mainstream power generation technology in the market. This power generation uses multiple gearboxes to take on the power from wind power to drive the blades, and then gear boxes increase speed to generate electricity.

Gearbox is a very important component in wind power generation. Because of the rapid development of wind power generation, there is a shortage of supply in the gear box market.However, at the same time, the manufacturing level of gearbox in China is relatively low and the production capacity is insufficient to meet the market demand.The scale of wind turbine gearbox in foreign countries is already very large. Many low-power fans use domestic gearbox. However, gearbox above MW level is very dependent on foreign manufacturers.Foreign gear box manufacturers update their parts and models quickly.At the same time, foreign manufacturers are also ahead of domestic manufacturers in after-sales service, which is one of the main gaps of domestic manufacturers.

The technical level of wind power gearbox is very important for wind power generation. Manufacturers need to consider the needs of different situations and optimize the technology of wind power gearbox.Innovation is carried out in combination with key technical issues to improve the technical level of wind power gearbox.

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