Development trend analysis of gear technology and equipment

In order to meet the requirements of gear processing industry for manufacturing accuracy, production efficiency, clean production and quality improvement, the development trend of “full control” has appeared in gear making machine tool and gear making technology. How do you say that? Because after CNC control of each moving axis of the machine tool and linkage of some axes, it has the following advantages:

1) It improves the function of CNC lathe, such as Hobbing Small Taper and drum type transmission gear and so on.

2) After the transmission chain is shortened and the semi closed loop or full closed loop control is adopted, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of each axis can be improved through numerical control compensation, so as to improve the machining accuracy and CP value of the machine tool and the reliability of the machine tool.

3) When changing varieties, the gear shaper also saves the time of replacing the inclined guide rail, thus reducing the auxiliary processing time, increasing the flexibility of the machine tool, and saving the time of calculating and replacing the variable speed gear, differential gear, feed and spindle gear.

4) As the mechanical structure becomes simpler, it can be designed to improve the rigidity of the machine tool and minimize thermal deformation.

5) There is no mechanical connection between the shafts, and the structural design has become typical, which is more conducive to the implementation of modular design and manufacturing.

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