Digital closed loop manufacturing technology of Aviation Spiral Bevel Gear

Because spiral bevel gear has the advantages of stable transmission, suitable for high-speed transmission, and very low noise and vibration, it is often used as important gear transmission parts in aviation. Due to the characteristics of large load and high speed in the working process, the accuracy requirements of bevel gear are often very strict in the design. The development of spiral bevel gear focuses on the tooth surface machining and detection technology of spiral bevel gear. Generally, the tooth surface of aviation spiral bevel gear should go through the process route of spiral tooth milling, then heat treatment, and finally spiral tooth grinding, and pass the gear measuring instrument inspection and meshing inspection of meshing machine. Finally, the dynamic impression after assembly and test run is taken as the qualification inspection basis. The dynamic impression of spiral bevel gear has a direct impact on the smooth operation, service life and noise of the gear, so the tooth surface control of spiral bevel gear is particularly important.

Through the application of digital closed-loop manufacturing technology, the collaborative unity of design, manufacturing and testing is realized to achieve engineering, standardized, efficient, high-quality and low-cost manufacturing. To realize the interchangeability of spiral bevel gears and the adjustment free of assembly marks has a wide application prospect and remarkable economic and social benefits.

The digital closed-loop manufacturing of spiral bevel gear is discussed by using computer simulation technology. Based on the mathematical modeling of spiral bevel gear and combined with the boundary conditions of actual working conditions, the tooth surface is accurately designed. Firstly, the static and dynamic analysis of meshing marks is carried out, then the stress simulation is carried out, the morphology diagram is established, and the three-dimensional coordinate points of tooth surface are obtained. The digital detection method is used to feed back and compensate the machining results to form a complete digital closed-loop machining system. The processed physical products have passed the strict examination and verification, which fully proves that this method has certain engineering application value.

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