Dynamic characteristics of gear mesh seal rotor system

Taking the practical engineering application as the background, this paper takes the sealed rotor system considering the gear meshing characteristics as the research object. On the basis of dynamics, this paper adopts the method of combining theory and simulation analysis to model the sealed rotor system with gear meshing characteristics, and studies its dynamic response Then the two parts are integrated to analyze the dynamic response of the rotor under different working conditions.

Firstly, the purpose, significance and background of this paper are briefly introduced; then, by reading the relevant references, the development of planetary gear transmission system and rotor system dynamics is briefly introduced, and the related research contents and methods are briefly described; finally, the research content of this paper is briefly introduced.

Dynamic analysis of planetary gear speed increasing system. The main parameters of this kind of transmission and the nonlinear factors affecting its dynamic characteristics are sorted out, and the detailed calculation equations of the relevant factors are given. Then, on the basis of the dynamic coordinate system, the nonlinear dynamic model of translation torsion coupling is established by using the lumped parameter method and considering the multiple degrees of freedom of the system. The linear and nonlinear motion differential equations of the system are derived by using Newton’s second law and combining the motion characteristics of each component in the direction of degree of freedom. Furthermore, the coordinate transformation and dimensionless treatment of the nonlinear differential equations are carried out to improve the computational efficiency.

Dynamic analysis of rotor system. Taking the rotor with contact seal as the research object, the structure of the rotor is analyzed and simplified. According to the Jeffcott rotor system, the dynamic model of the corresponding rotor system is established. Based on Newton’s second law, the dynamic differential equation of the system is deduced.

Dynamic response analysis of a sealed rotor system considering gear meshing characteristics. On the basis of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, the transmission and rotor systems are integrated, and the dynamic equations of the integrated system are sorted out. The dynamic equations of the system are solved by using MATLAB programming software and numerical integration method, and the rotor dynamic responses under different conditions and parameters are obtained.

Adams dynamic simulation analysis. In this chapter, the dynamic simulation analysis of the sealed rotor system considering the gear meshing characteristics is carried out based on ADAMS to verify the dynamic model established in this paper. Through the simulation analysis, the dynamic characteristics of the rotor vibration displacement under different working conditions are obtained, and compared with the theoretical results obtained by using the lumped parameter method, the correctness of the theoretical model established in this paper is verified by simulation.

Experimental study on dynamic characteristics. In this chapter, the dynamic characteristics of a sealed rotor system considering gear meshing characteristics are experimentally studied under different working conditions. By comparing the theoretical and experimental results, the rationality of the theoretical model established in this paper is verified.

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