Dynamic characteristics of multi-stage gear box coupling at different speeds

The dynamic response characteristics of shearer cutting part under rated working condition are analyzed, and the dynamic deformation and dynamic load changes of multi-stage gear transmission before and after coupling rocker box are compared. Under the rated condition, it is not found that the coupling rocker box has obvious influence on the dynamic load of gear in both time and frequency domain. In order to make the theoretical analysis more complete, the coupling characteristics of multi-stage gear transmission and rocker box will be studied at different speeds.

At the same time, the analysis also has practical significance. At present, the cutting speed of the commonly used shearer is not adjustable. When the cutting drum encounters the hard coal seam, the driving system is protected by reducing the traction speed, but this will lead to the reduction of coal mining efficiency.

In the project, Chongqing University proposed the variable speed cutting shearer, that is, when the cutting part is in the overload or underload state, the system load is restored to the rated value by the cutting drum active speed regulation, which not only protects the transmission system, but also improves the cutting efficiency. However, the response of the gear system is sensitive to the running speed, so it is of practical significance to study the coupling characteristics of multi-stage gear transmission and box before variable speed cutting.

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