Dynamic model of planetary gear speed increasing system

In terms of theoretical analysis, the theoretical basis of gear system dynamics has gradually developed from the earliest impact theory to vibration theory, that is, the gear system is regarded as an elastic mechanical vibration system, and the dynamic characteristics of the system under the excitation of meshing stiffness, impact and transmission error are studied, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the study of dynamic characteristics of modern gear system.

The simplified model of the transmission device studied is shown in the figure, and its structure adopts the form of straight gear planetary gear transmission. Although the system has many advantages in bearing capacity, transmission efficiency and weight, in the process of motion and power transmission, vibration will occur due to its own factors, which will have a certain impact on the stability of load operation, and even affect the stability of the whole unit operation Therefore, in order to understand the influence of transmission device on load, this chapter establishes a nonlinear time-varying model which is more consistent with the actual gear system to analyze the dynamic characteristics of planetary gear transmission system.

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