Effect of cold working on heat treatment deformation of helical gear

The machining method and residual stress of spiral gear will have a certain influence on the deformation of carburized spiral gear. Uneven microstructure and hardness of helical gear blank, large total machining allowance, too large one-time cutting amount, large cutting speed, blunt tool or unreasonable tool will increase and unevenly distribute the machining residual stress. The heat treatment deformation of helical gear is closely related to the size and distribution of the residual machining stress after machining.

For example, there are residual stresses of different sizes and distributions after machining of different types of internal splines. The stress distribution of broaching is more uniform than that of gear shaper, and the deformation trend is smaller than that of heat treatment. In short, the heat treatment deformation of parts with small cutting amount is smaller than that of parts with large cutting amount.

In addition to uniform processing, stable processing technology and processing quality in batch processing of spiral gears are also an important prerequisite for stabilizing the deformation trend of heat treatment.

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