Effect of hub deformation on meshing model simplification of star gear reducer

In fact, there are many parts in the transmission gear train of planetary gear output type planetary gear reducer, the tooth number difference between the planetary gear and the internal gear is small, and there are many teeth meshing under the action of load. Six transmission crankshafts are assembled with the planetary gear, and the input main shaft (crankshaft) is assembled with two planetary gears.

If the finite element model is established directly according to the real structure and its assembly relationship, the calculation scale will be huge and the calculation can not be carried out, and the excessive nonlinearity will lead to the convergence of the calculation process.

Therefore, on the premise of meeting the requirements of engineering accuracy, the model is simplified as follows

The results are as follows: (1) the structure of the two-phase planetary gears in the planetary gear output type planetary gear transmission system is the same, the torque transmitted is equal, and the internal gear fixed with the frame has enough stiffness. In order to reduce the calculation scale, a pair of gear meshing models are established, and the load is half of the rated load;

(2) the transmission crankshaft is regarded as a rigid body, the bearing deformation between the transmission crankshaft and the planetary gear is ignored, and the bearing structure and the transmission crankshaft are regarded as a geometry;

(3) the friction force of the meshing teeth is ignored;

(4) the input crankshaft is transformed into beam hinge connector to simulate the rigidity and rotation of the spindle.

To sum up, the parts of the model include internal gear ring, planetary gear (including hub), transmission crankshaft (analytical rigid body), input crankshaft (connector) and support plate (connector).

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