Effective measures to solve carburizing defects of gears

(1) Strengthen the gear cleaning before carburizing

Generally, the material for making gear is metal material. In order to prevent rust caused by long-term use, the surface of gear will be coated with engine oil and antirust oil to protect it, which greatly hinders the cleaning work before carburizing. In cleaning the gear, we should not only consider cleaning the tooth surface, but also the root of the tooth. The traditional cleaning method can not clean the tooth root well, but new cleaning technology and method can be introduced to improve, such as spray, rinse, etc. Under the circumstances of economic conditions, the relevant staff can use the ultrasonic technology to clean the gear, which is the most advanced cleaning method at present, to ensure the cleanness of the gear to the greatest extent.

(2) Improve carburizing process

The traditional carburizing process not only needs to control the number of gears put into the activated carbon, but also pay attention to the interference of external factors such as temperature on the carburizing process, which is time-consuming, laborious and prone to more waste products, increasing the cost input. With the progress of science and technology, the vacuum carburizing method has been studied by people. The method is to separate the activated carbon into many equal parts by using special instruments, and put the gears into the separated activated carbon medium. In this way, the problem of uneven carburization of gears can be fundamentally solved, and the interference of external factors on carburization process can be eliminated. The use of vacuum carburizing technology makes the factory no longer need a large number of workers, effectively improve work efficiency and greatly improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

(3) Improve the heat treatment process

At present, the heat treatment method of factory production is mainly high temperature tempering. If this process is not well controlled, the carburized layer on the gear surface will be oxidized and fall off, resulting in white spot defects. The appearance of vacuum oil quenching solves this problem well. The whole quenching process is controlled by computer, which can control the quenching temperature in the best range. It will not harm the carburized layer on the surface of the gear when the impurities are removed.

In conclusion, we can see the importance of gear carburizing process. The existence of white spot defects will greatly reduce the strength and service life of the gear, which is very unfavorable to the factory production. In the modern factory assembly line production, the gear is almost continuously rotating. If the quality of the gear is too poor, it will increase the frequency of the maintenance personnel replacing the gear, increase the economic cost of the enterprise and seriously affect the normal production and operation of the factory.

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