Production Equipment

In the aspect of gear manufacturing ZHY Foundry has Italy PFAUTER nc pinion gear production line, Italy PFAUTER CNC roll teeth production line, the United States GLEASON arc tooth wimble gear production line, nc 528 arc tooth wimble gear production line, CNC grinding wheel grinding of gears processing line and contains many sets of box production line including milling and boring machine and American CINCINNATI processing center. The heat treatment equipments include successive carburizing quenching line, The continuous numerical control heat treatment and 160 kw super audio vertical general numerical control machine. The Multiple tooth still nc machining line, Germany GLEASON-HURTH shaving cutter grinding machine, Japan GLEASON Knife plate mill and Swiss Cold play spline machine tools, Can undertake K type drum gear and cold play of spline shaft manufacturing. The specification equipment can manufacture: Maximum diameters 1250mm, Maximum module 15mm, Gear machining precision grades 5 grade. Annually gear capacity is more than 3 million, different gear box is more than 50 million.

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