Establishment of finite element model of equidistant spiral bevel gear

Considering the practical engineering application and the material library of Moldex3D simulation software, this paper uses alloy powder as metal powder and polypropylene (PP) as binder for subsequent analysis. The relevant information of materials is shown in the table.

Material nameVolume fraction /%Density / g · cm-3Particle diameter/ μm
Alloy powder607.910
Adhesive (PP)400.91

Moldex3D is a mature and accurate injection molding simulation analysis software. Many scholars at home and abroad use this software for injection molding simulation analysis. Because the wall thickness of the gear shaft is uniform and the quality is well controlled, while the tooth shape of spiral bevel gear is complex and the wall thickness is uneven, and the quality is difficult to control, MIM process optimization is only carried out for the tooth shape part. Import the three-dimensional model of equidistant spiral bevel gear into the MIM simulation software Moldex3D, design the gate, runner system and cooling system and divide the grid, then select the appropriate composite materials and process parameters, and carry out the injection molding simulation analysis of cooling, filling and pressure maintaining. The grid and runner system of the model are shown in the figure.

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