Establishment of geometric model of involute bevel gear

The large modulus standard involute bevel gear with 12 modulus, 15 teeth, 20 º pressure angle and 40mm tooth width is selected as the research object for dual frequency induction heating quenching analysis. Because the bevel gear model is complex, it is not convenient to establish the involute bevel gear with ANSYS software. In order to simplify the modeling process, SolidWorks software is used to establish the geometric model of the bevel gear. Many interfaces between 3D modeling software and ANSYS software can be exchanged. Firstly, the three-dimensional geometric model of bevel gear is established in SolidWorks software, and then it is saved as a general format file and imported into ANSYS software in x-t format.

Because the bevel gear model is axisymmetric, in order to save calculation time, only two teeth are selected for induction heating numerical simulation, including a tooth groove. The bevel gear model is shown in Figure 1. The center line of the shaft hole coincides with the x-axis, and the X-Y plane bisects the tooth slot. Fig. 2 is a solid diagram of the bevel gear model.

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