Existing detection methods of small module gears

At present, small module gears are widely used in high-precision instruments and instruments. The working performance and service life of instruments are determined by the accuracy of gears. Therefore, the detection of small module gear is very important. Compared with the detection of general gears, the detection of small module gears has particularity: the stiffness of gears is small and easy to deform; Small tooth pitch, difficult adjustment and alignment, and high requirements for the automation of the detection system; There are many kinds of gears, so it is difficult to detect and locate the clamp; Due to the limitation of gear size, the design of measuring mechanical structure is difficult.

At present, the degree of automation of small module gear detection at home and abroad is low, and the detection equipment and means are also insufficient. At present, the traditional contact measurement method is still used in the detection of cylindrical involute gear.

The double meshing measurement method has been widely used in the comprehensive detection of small module gears. The main reason is that the gear meshing measurement principle is simple, there are no strict requirements for the detection environment, and the measurement speed is fast. The problems of double meshing measurement method mainly include: (1) control of micro measuring force; (2) the standard gear used for measurement has extremely high accuracy requirements and is difficult to manufacture. These two key technologies have not been well solved so far.

Non contact visual measurement method: with the emergence of image measurement technology, non-contact measurement technology is also used for the measurement of small module gears.

Image optical measurement technology is an advanced measurement method based on modern optical theory and integrating computer image graphics, information technology, machine vision, optoelectronics and other sciences. It filters out useful data from the image information of the measured object for detection. With the characteristics of no contact, high speed and high efficiency, It has been widely used in modern industrial measurement technology.

At present, the research mainly focuses on the construction of measurement system and the graphics and image processing algorithm of measurement results. The measurement content is mainly the tooth profile error, but it is difficult to detect the omni-directional error of gear.

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