Experimental study on gear pitting

The gear pitting failure is studied experimentally. Tan CK et al. Accelerated the occurrence of gear pitting failure by using lubricating oil with low wear resistance. The experimental results show that with the increase of gearbox running time, the pitting fault will extend to the adjacent tooth surface, and eventually to other healthy tooth surface. In this paper, the medium degree pitting fault is produced by the artificial tooth surface of EDM machine, and the experimental research is carried out. Qu et al. Proposed a new gear pitting fault diagnosis method based on deep sparse self coding. The method automatically extracts features from the original vibration signal, and then uses these features to distinguish healthy gear from pitting fault gear.

The early micro pitting failure of gears was studied experimentally. Qu and Zhang et al. Built an experimental platform for early micro pitting failure of gears. Vibration acceleration sensors were used to monitor the vibration status of gearbox with four different gear states (healthy gear and three different degrees of pitting fault). Through the time-domain and frequency-domain analysis of the experimental vibration signals, the gears with different fault States were preliminarily diagnosed. Qu For the first time, fiber Bragg grating sensor was used to measure the dynamic strain of gear root, and the dynamic strain of healthy gear and pitting fault gear was measured, which provided a new explanation for the modeling of gear dynamic system. At the same time, the dynamic strain of tooth root was measured by piezoelectric strain sensor and compared with the strain measured by fiber Bragg grating sensor The feasibility and accuracy of measuring the dynamic strain of tooth root.

Qu and Zhang The strain signals of four different gear states (healthy gear and three kinds of pitting faults) were measured by using fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors. Through the analysis of FBG strain signals, a preliminary conclusion was drawn: in the strain measurement of gear box with small pitting fault in the early stage of gear, the FBG sensor in the heavy load condition is better than that in the light load condition The effect is better.

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