External excitation load of vehicle gear transmission system

The external excitation load of vehicle gear transmission system mainly includes engine input torque and load torque. The engine of the gear transmission system of the tracked vehicle shown in the figure is a V-type 12 cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, with engine load, service probability and distribution ratio.

Among them, 10% of engine power loss is included. Under the corresponding working conditions of engine average speed of 3450r / min and average torque of 2022n. M, gear transmission system is most frequently used. The fluctuating torque of engine under this working condition is shown in the figure. In this chapter, dynamic characteristic analysis and optimization design are carried out for this working condition. Among them, the torsional rigidity of the coupling connected with the engine is 60000n.m/rad.

In addition to the engine excitation, the load torque is also applied on the output connecting plate of the gear transmission system. The load torque in this paper is determined according to the average torque of the engine and the transmission ratio of the system and taken as the fixed value, and the load torque is evenly distributed to the output connecting plates on both sides.

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