Fan gear box lubrication

Lubrication of gear box is very important to the operation of gear box, especially the position of bearings, gear meshing area, bearings, etc. need to be sprayed with oil to ensure that there is no excessive resistance during the operation of gear box and avoid the failure of gear box.

When lubricating oil is used, the temperature of the lubricating oil needs to be taken into account because it can affect the fatigue of gear box components and even reduce the life of the system.Generally speaking, in order to avoid the oil temperature of gearbox exceeding 80 C, in general, if the oil temperature exceeds 60 C during operation, cooling system must be provided. If the oil temperature is too low, the machine needs to be stopped and then heated to start again.

Season also has an important influence on temperature. Wind motors are usually full-blown in summer, which makes oil temperature very easy to rise, and if there is the influence of sunlight, oil temperature is more likely to rise; while in some cold areas in winter, too low temperature will lead to poor flow of gear oil, so it is difficult to get adequate gear and bearing of gear box.Lubrication, many gears have the opportunity for severe wear on the tooth surface.

Low temperatures can also cause increased gear box viscosity, resulting in heavy loads when the oil pump is started, which can lead to motor overload problems.Therefore, in terms of gear box lubrication, it is necessary to fully consider the temperature control of lubricating oil, design the thermal management system of lubricating oil and control the temperature of lubricating oil.

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