Finite element analysis of internal modified gear

Because the working condition of the gear is the same when the inner gear plate and the outer gear contact meshing, the finite element analysis effect is the same, so two pairs of meshing gears are selected for finite element analysis. The hexahedral mesh is used, with 175179 nodes.

According to the working state of the gear, a fixed constraint is added to the inner ring of the shaft hole of the outer gear plate, and the torque T is input to the outer gear

It can be seen from the figure that the minimum stress is 87.581pa and the maximum stress is 168.44pa × 108Pa。 The difference between the maximum stress and the minimum stress is relatively large, mainly because the force of the gear contact meshing part is relatively large, and the force of other parts is relatively small. The maximum stress is mainly in the tooth root position and the contact meshing point. The stress at the tooth root position is larger than that at the contact meshing point, and it is located on the contact side.

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