Finite element parameter setting of gear rolling process

According to the characteristics of roll forming process, the finite element analysis model is established, and the process simulation parameters are set as follows.

(1) According to the principle that the blank volume remains unchanged before and after rolling, the blank size is initially set as ϕ 18 mm × 14 mm, the material is AI ⁃ si-1020, the blank grid is 100 000, and the rolling temperature is 850 ℃.

(2) The blank boundary condition defines that the velocity of the inner ring in three directions is 0, which completely constrains the inner ring surface.

(3) The module of rolling wheel is 1 mm, the number of teeth is 39, the width of tooth is 16 mm, and the material is H13, which is set as rigid body.

(4) The friction type between the blank and the roller is set as shear friction, and the friction coefficient is 0.12.

(5) The ambient temperature is set at 20 ℃, the thermal convection coefficient is 0.02 n / s · mm ·, and the heat transfer coefficient is 11 n / s · mm · ℃.

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