Finite element simulation of contact fatigue of hypoid gear

Hypoid gear is a bevel gear with central axis offset. The tooth surface surface of this type of gear is complex and it is difficult to obtain an accurate geometric model, so the machining cost is high and the machining time is long. Due to the special transmission and stability of hypoid gear, the importance of hypoid gear in the development of automobile rear axle assembly has been paid more and more attention by developers and scholars. The requirements of hypoid gear in weight, transmission stability, bearing capacity and fatigue life are also higher and higher.

Hypoid gear is an important part of gear transmission system of mechanical equipment. Its performance directly determines the gear transmission efficiency, stability and fatigue life. In order to further understand and study the contact characteristics and fatigue life of hypoid gear, taking a hypoid gear transmission system as the research object, the finite element simulation of the contact fatigue characteristics of hypoid gear is carried out by using ANSYS Workbench, so as to improve the contact strength of hypoid gear transmission system Provide a theoretical basis for the improvement of fatigue life.

The axis of hypoid gear transmission system has the advantages of offset distance, flexible transmission design and layout, good improvement of small wheel strength, large helix angle, large meshing coincidence degree and more stable transmission. It has been widely used in automobiles and other mechanical equipment. The shape of hypoid gear transmission system is complex, it is difficult to accurately model, and it is difficult to analyze the characteristics of contact, vibration, noise and fatigue life. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to simulate its contact fatigue characteristics. In order to improve the contact characteristics of hypoid gear transmission system, improve the fatigue life of hypoid gear transmission system and reduce vibration and noise, taking a hypoid gear transmission system as the research object, the contact fatigue is simulated and analyzed by using the finite element simulation software ANSYS Workbench, The equivalent stress and equivalent elastic strain of the hypoid gear transmission system and the variation law of the meshing teeth of the hypoid gear on the main contact fatigue parameters such as contact stress and fatigue life are obtained, which provides an important reference for the improvement of the comprehensive transmission performance, the improvement of contact fatigue life and the reduction of vibration and noise of the hypoid gear transmission system.

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