Floating track of sun gear in planetary gear transmission system

Under the same basic working condition, the floating track of the sun wheel under three kinds of fault factors is extracted to study the influence of fault factors on the floating track of the sun wheel. The results are shown in the figure.

Figure (a) shows the floating track of the planetary gear under normal operation. The track is very stable and the waveform is small. The maximum outer circle radius is 1.5 μ m. The minimum inner circle radius is 0.5 μ m。 When the gear is meshed and disengaged, there will be a great impact, which will cause the instantaneous deviation of the floating track when the gear is meshed. Therefore, the outer circle track has 96 leaf curves with the same number as the inner ring gear. Figures (b) – (E) show the floating track of the sun gear when the crack occurs. The main shape of the floating track is consistent with the normal situation. When the planetary gear is meshed with the normal sun gear teeth, the radius of the outer circle expands with the deepening of the crack depth. When the cracked tooth of the sun gear contacts with the planetary gear, the sun gear floats slightly, and the outer circle trajectory changes from 1. 5 to 1 μ M gradually expanded to 2.1 μ m. The radius of inner circle is 0.3 μ M decreases to 0 μ m。 Figure (f) shows the broken teeth of the sun gear,

It can be seen that when the broken tooth of the sun gear is meshed with the planetary gear, due to the reduction of the meshing force, the meshing position has a large instantaneous offset, and the outer circle radius reaches 3 μ m. The floating track of the fault gear is different from that of the normal operation.

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