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What is modulus and graduation circle?

Answer: the circle with M = P / π as modulus and m and α as standard value is called dividing circle.

What is the pitch, tooth thickness and slot width?

Answer: in a circle, the arc length between the profiles of two adjacent teeth on the same side is called the circle section. The arc length occupied by the tooth thickness is called the tooth thickness, and the arc length occupied by the tooth slot is called the tooth slot width. TfnNhnE6e5

What is a standard gear?

Answer: m, α, h * a, c * are standard values, and S = e = P / 2.

What are the characteristics of the rack?

Answer: < 1) each straight-line circle section parallel to the tooth top line is equal, its modulus and pressure angle are all standard values.

< 2) the straight line with the width equal to the tooth thickness of the parallel tooth top line is called the center line, which is the reference line to determine the rack size.

What is theoretical meshing line, actual meshing line and tooth profile working section?

Answer: theoretical meshing line: the internal common tangent line on the same side of the two base circles is the locus of the meshing point of the tooth profile in theory, and the two tangent points are the meshing limit points. Actual meshing line: the line segment between the intersection of the top circle of two teeth and the theoretical meshing line.

Working section of tooth profile: the part of tooth profile engaged in gear transmission.

What are the correct Meshing Conditions and continuous meshing transmission conditions of involute spur gears?

Answer: correct engagement condition: M1 = M2 = m

α1 = α2 = α

Conditions for continuous meshing: ε α = b1b2 / Pb ≥ 1

What is the essence of coincidence degree? What is the degree of coincidence related to?

Answer: the magnitude of coincidence indicates the logarithm of meshing on the meshing line at the same time during the transmission of a pair of gears.

The magnitude of coincidence degree is an important index of the bearing capacity and the stability of gears. The magnitude of coincidence degree has nothing to do with M. it increases with the increase of Z1 and Z2. The larger α′, the smaller ε α. The larger α′, the larger α′, the smaller ε α.

What is the standard installation center distance of standard gear. What are the features of standard installation?

Answer: the center distance of the standard gear installed according to the side clearance is called the standard center distance of the standard gear,

The center distance of the standard gear installed according to the standard top clearance is also known as the standard installation center distance.

In standard installation, a = a ′, r = R ′, a = R1 + R2

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