Force analysis of meshing gear of wheel side gear reducer

For each part of the design requirements should meet the size of the installation, power standards, long life and so on. Therefore, the requirements of the wheel reducer are as follows: 1) the maximum input power PE: 180kW; 2) the rated speed during operation: 40km / h (600r / min); 3) the specified reduction ratio is 5:1; 4) the rated speed during operation: 40km / h (600r / min).

Ensure that the gears can be meshed correctly, so the center distance of the meshed gears must be consistent. The concentric conditions were as follows

In addition, the assembly conditions should also be met to ensure that the gears are evenly distributed on the planet carrier, so the sum of the number of teeth of the ring gear and the sun gear should be an integral multiple of the number of planet gears.

Considering the above situation, the number of planetary gears n = 5, the number of teeth Z1 = 19, Z2 = 20, Z3 = 59 are selected. The assembly of ring gear and planet carrier is shown in the figure.

In practice, due to various factors, the input torque can not be calculated accurately. Therefore, the nominal torque of the gear is used as the input torque in this design

Therefore, the nominal torque T1 of the sun wheel can be obtained

From the parameters of the sun gear, the rotational moment T2 of the planetary gear can be obtained

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