Forging experimental process of spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear is the key transmission part of many important machines and is widely used. Forging spiral bevel gear can improve its service efficiency, reduce its generation cost and increase its application range. Through software simulation and experimental process analysis, the following conclusions are drawn:

Firstly, through the precision forging analysis of spiral bevel gear, combined with the determination method of geometric parameters and the characteristics of tooth profile, through TCA analysis and edge trimming method, two kinds of geometric parameters of spiral bevel gear are designed, which are small module spiral bevel gear pair suitable for precision forging and medium module spiral bevel gear pair suitable for hot forging cold finishing.

Using UG software, the tooth surface points are imported, the tooth surface piece model is established, the blank model of precision forged small module spiral bevel gear is established, and the blank model of spiral bevel gear pair with good theoretical contact area is established by using the tooth surface piece to trim the blank model. The accuracy of geometric parameter design of spiral bevel gear pair is verified. Through die design and analysis, The three-dimensional model of die and blank of precision forging small module spiral bevel gear is established.

Then, the cold precision forging process of small module spiral bevel gear is simulated through DEFORM-3D, the cold forging environment is set, the die and blank are introduced, and the simulation parameters are set for simulation. The results describe the shape change and equivalent stress-strain distribution in the forming process of precision forging large wheel, and analyze the relationship between travel and load, The variation trend of loading force and the maximum loading force required for forging are obtained.

Then, the influence of geometric parameters on precision forging results is studied. By changing the pitch cone angle and cogging volume, the following conclusions are obtained under the conditions of this example: 1 The loading force of precision forging of spiral bevel gear large wheel decreases with the increase of pitch cone angle, while the forging loading force of spiral bevel gear small wheel increases with the increase of pitch cone angle. 2. The loading force in the precision forging process of spiral bevel gear is directly proportional to the volume of tooth slot. The simulation and analysis of the die drawing process of precision forging show that the direct die drawing of large wheel can be successful, while the spiral die drawing of small wheel has serious tooth deformation and cannot be carried out. Finally, the die processing technology and correction method are described, the EDM technology is described and its advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, the NC die processing method is briefly described, and two die trimming methods are listed.

Finally, through the simulation and experiment of hot forging cold finishing, the hot forging cold finishing die model and blank model of medium modulus spiral bevel gear are established, the hot forging cold finishing process is simulated, and the forgings with good tooth profile are obtained. The factors such as damage, equivalent strain, maximum principal stress and maximum principal rate at local points of spiral bevel gear are dynamically analyzed, The damage, stress distribution and material flow at different positions in the forming process are obtained. The forging experiment of spiral bevel gear is carried out by using the forging machine of a factory. The large spiral bevel gear with good tooth profile is processed by hot forging cold finishing. The forging shape is accurate without obvious defects, which meets the simulation expectation.

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