Forging process of driven spiral bevel gear blank

The purpose of this paper is to simulate the forging process of the blank of the driven spiral bevel gear of ZHY Gear.In the production of the driven spiral bevel gear of ZHY Gear, the die design and process formulation are completed by means of experiments and experience. The forging process of the gear is a very complex process, which has nonlinearity in geometry, material and boundary conditions, Depending on experiments and experience, mold design and process formulation often need many physical tests to be completed, which leads to large material waste and high cost.

With the development of plastic forming theory and computer technology, people begin to use numerical simulation to study the plastic forming of materials. Through numerical simulation, we can answer the questions that can not be answered by experimental design and empirical design, and understand the whole process of metal plastic forming, including the situation of material filling die in each stage of metal forming process, material deformation trend, internal stress, strain, strain rate, forming load, velocity vector field and other information. This has important practical significance for the design of metal plastic forming die, process design, blank design, the selection of press and the control of forming quality. Now, the finite element numerical simulation method is introduced into the research on the forging process of spiral bevel gear blank in the gear plant. The forging and forming of ZHY gear driven spiral bevel gear blank includes four steps: heating, upsetting, die forging and punching, and trimming.

Upsetting and die forging are plastic forming processes of the whole processing technology. The existing literature on the numerical simulation of gear forging process often ignores the upsetting process and only simulates the die forging process, that is, only one-step analysis is carried out. However, the single-step analysis can not reflect the influence of the residual stress of the previous process on the next process, and can not well reflect the real forging process. In this paper, a multi-step analysis method for gear forging process is proposed. Firstly, the upsetting process is numerically simulated to obtain the blank shape, stress field, strain field and temperature field after upsetting, and then the die forging process is numerically simulated based on the results of the upsetting process to obtain the final shape, stress field, strain field and temperature field of the forgings.

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