Forging process scheme of large module spiral bevel gear

Figure 1 shows the driven bevel gear of rear axle in 46910 / 37 commercial vehicle. It can be seen that the outer diameter of the driven spiral bevel gear with large modulus is large, and the middle is a through hole with large diameter. In order to improve the material utilization rate, the process route of “blanking round bar roughening punching rolling preform final forging” is generally adopted. There are many processes and long transfer time between X sequences, which is not conducive to final forging.

Therefore, on the basis of comprehensive analysis, the paper puts forward the process scheme of “blanking upsetting, punching compound rolling preform final forging”. As shown in Figure 2, the round bar is rolled to the designed preform size on the vertical ring expander after the integrated blank making of upsetting and punching on the special equipment, Finally, the final forging is carried out on the screw press or hot die forging press. Among them, the integrated blank making of upsetting and punching can ensure the temperature of final forging blank and improve the forming quality. The research focuses on the rolling preform and final forging process after upsetting and punching integrated blank making.

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