Gear forming calculation based on DEFORM

As an important transmission system of mechanical equipment, mechanical gear has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, high transmission precision, wide range of use, reliable work and so on. It is widely used in aerospace, navigation, automobile, coal mine, engineering machinery, electronics and other fields. The machining and forming of mechanical gears directly affect the fatigue life, strength and stiffness of gears, so it is necessary to study the machining of mechanical gears.

Many scholars at home and abroad have carried out research and Analysis on gear processing and forming; among them, Yang Jianbo and others have studied and analyzed the gear forming technology and digital modeling method of afforestation machinery; Li Xiang et al. Designed the semi hot runner multi cavity forming process of micro gear, and optimized the structure and molding process; Peng Yayun et al Based on the finite element analysis software DEFORM-3D Simulation analysis of gear stamping forming; research and analysis of forming method and grinding wheel dressing device of harmonic gear involute profile by Jia Ying; research and Analysis on special processing technology of spur gear by Zhi Yuerong; research and Analysis on cold forging technology of spur gear by Shi Xiaofei; improvement processing method of circular arc cylindrical gear by Tang Rui, etc Methods. Based on the research foundation of many scholars on the gear forming process, taking a certain mechanical gear as the research object, the computer-aided technology is used to simulate the machining process of the mechanical gear, which provides a meaningful reference for the mechanical gear forming process and mold structure optimization.

Die forging is one of the forming methods of mechanical gears. In order to obtain mechanical gears with excellent mechanical properties and good machining properties, taking a certain mechanical gear as the research object, this paper uses the professional forming analysis software deform to simulate the die forging of mechanical gears, and analyzes the distribution law of the effect force in the process of mechanical gear forging. The research provides theoretical basis and technical support for the improvement of mechanical gear forging process and optimization of process parameters, and also provides the basis for forming high-performance gear transmission system.

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