Gear hob

Gear precision hob is a kind of tool that is directly processed and formed on gear hobbing machine. Standard tooth profiles or special forms are available. The specific design of cutting tools should be carried out according to the requirements of parts.

1. Standard gear hob

The standard hob of gear usually only adopts 14.5 º, 20 ° or 22.5 ° standard pressure angle. The tooth profile system of standard gear hob can be designed and established according to the needs. The arc of the tooth top of the part is consistent with the shape of the hob root. In order to prevent interference with phase fittings, the top needs to be modified.

2. Short tooth gear hob

A gear hob with many short teeth relative to the full tooth profile. All the teeth of this tooth profile are shorter than the standard teeth and have high strength. This tooth profile can transmit higher torque than the full tooth profile. A standard pressure angle of 20 ° is usually used. The tooth top height and tooth root height are shorter than the normal tooth profile.

When selecting short tooth gear hob, it is necessary to specify processing equipment, modulus, pressure angle, shank diameter and accuracy grade.

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