Gear hobbing of face gear based on spherical hob

The aviation industry has high requirements for transmission performance. Face gear transmission is a new transmission mode to realize intersecting shaft motion and power transmission. It has the advantages of light weight, compact structure, insensitive to axial installation error, good shunting effect and high bearing capacity. It has broad application prospects in the aviation field, For example, NASA has successfully applied the face gear to the main reducer of a helicopter and achieved good results.

Hard tooth surface grinding and finishing must be used for aviation surface gears to ensure tooth surface accuracy and finish. Gear shaping or gear hobbing can be used in the previous rough machining stage. Gear shaping has the advantages of simple tool profile, low manufacturing cost and easy correction, but the gear shaping efficiency is lower than that of gear hobbing. Gear hobbing is a highly efficient gear processing method. If it can be applied to face gear, it can significantly reduce the time cost of mass face gear production. However, the ordinary Archimedean gear hobbing cutter can not be used for the machining of face gear, so it is necessary to study the special hobbing cutter for face gear. Foreign scholars first put forward the idea of machining face gear with special gear hob, but the tooth surface of face gear obtained by gear hobbing deviates greatly from the theory, and the accuracy can not meet the requirements. Domestic scholars have studied the basic worm of gear hobbing tool, but the profile equation obtained is complex, limited by singular points, difficult to manufacture and correct, and high tool cost.

As a simulation of gear shaper cutter, the structure of spherical gear hob is quite different from Archimedes worm gear hob. For spherical gear hobs, there are few relevant studies that can be consulted at present. Researchers at home and abroad have made preliminary research on the spherical grinding wheel and spherical gear hob for machining internal gears, but the manufacturing method of tool based worm mentioned will lead to certain errors in the normal direction of the tool, and the face gear machined with this spherical grinding wheel or gear hob will also have certain profile errors.

Referring to the design methods of the base worm of the face gear hobbing cutter and the base worm of the internal gear spherical hobbing cutter, the face gear spherical hob is studied, and the forms of the tool worm are different from them. The theoretical, simulation and Experimental Research on machining the face gear with the spherical hob are carried out to verify the correctness of the face gear hobbing method. This paper has certain reference significance for high-efficiency gear hobbing of face gear.

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