Gear transmission lubrication mode

The lubrication mode of gear transmission mainly depends on the circumferential speed of the gear.

1) For open gear and low-speed (V < 0.8 ~ 2m / s), light load and not very important closed gear transmission, lubricating oil or grease can be added manually on a regular basis.

2) For V = 2 ~ 12m / s closed gear transmission, oil immersion lubrication is adopted. The big gear is immersed in the oil pool and the oil is brought into the meshing surface with the help of gear transmission. For cylindrical gears, the oil immersion depth should be 1 ~ 2 tooth heights, and the maximum oil immersion depth should not exceed 1 / 3 of the indexing circle radius of large gears. The amount of oil in the oil pool is related to the transmission power. The single-stage transmission is 0.35 ~ 0.7l/kw, and the multi-stage transmission is multiplied by stages. When the oil immersion depth of medium and low-speed gears in multistage transmission is appropriate, but the high-speed gear fails to be immersed in oil, oil tanker can be used to supply oil to the high-speed gear. Generally, the depth of the oil pool shall not be less than 30 ~ 50mm to prevent impurities at the bottom of the oil pool from being stirred up when the gear rotates, resulting in unclean lubricating oil and aggravating tooth surface wear. There shall be sufficient oil in the oil pool to ensure heat dissipation.

3) For closed gear transmission with V > 12m / s, oil injection lubrication should be adopted to spray lubricating oil with a certain pressure to the meshing surface of gear teeth. When w ≤ 25m / s, the nozzle can be located at the meshing in or meshing out edge of the gear teeth; When v ≥ 25m / s, the nozzle shall be located on the meshing side, and the gear teeth just meshed shall be cooled and lubricated in time. The oil supply of oil injection lubrication is sufficient and continuous, which is suitable for important gear transmission with high speed and heavy load.

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