Gleason Bevel Gear Machining system

Gleason is the main supplier of quasi-hyperboloid bevel gear machine tools. The original Gleason No.116 gear milling machine of the company adopts complex mechanical transmission mechanism, which is mainly driven by meshing between gears, and the transmission chain is long, which is easy to cause manufacturing error of bevel gears. In the mid-1980s, Gleason took the lead in launching the Phoenix series of CNC bevel gear milling machines and gear grinding machines, and began a major innovation of spiral bevel gear machining machines. It can process two kinds of tooth gears, abolish the shaking table mechanism and tool tilting mechanism of the traditional machine tool, and more importantly, it cancels the complex transmission chain and adjustment link, which greatly simplifies the structure of the machine tool, and the rigidity of the machine tool is also significantly improved. This kind of all-CNC spiral bevel gear machining machine is actually a kind of 5-axis universal machine tool, which can process all kinds of spiral bevel gear tooth surfaces. Except for replacing cutter head, fixture and workpiece, the whole machining process is automatic. Compared with traditional machine tools, the machining accuracy can be improved by 1-2 levels, and the repetition accuracy is good.

Gleason cooperates with Zeiss in Germany to develop a three-coordinate measurement and error analysis system, which is connected with the Phoenix machine tool and is called the error closed-loop system G-AGE. When machining hyperboloid in G-AGE system, satisfactory meshing pairs can be obtained with only one trial-cut correction.

At the CIMT’99 exhibition, Gleason exhibited a Phoenix series 450G CNC spiral bevel gear grinder and SRS405 CNC shaving cutter grinder. The 450G gear grinder can finely grind the big wheel and small wheel of the spiral bevel gear with hard tooth surface, and the grinding accuracy can reach 3-4 grades (DIN standard). 450g maximum workpiece diameter 450mm, maximum modulus 12mm, can also process arc tooth disc or coupling tooth surface. CNC has a total of 8 axes, including grinding wheel dressing motion, and 5-axis linkage is used to realize the grinding motion. At present, Gleason has produced CNC gear milling machines Phoenix 116CNC, 175HC, 275HC, 450HC, 1000HC and gear grinding machines 200G, 450G, 800G and other products.

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