Grinding and centering of double gear pairs

Centering of grinding teeth is the final procedure to ensure the accuracy of angular position of gears. Gear alignment accuracy determines the final quality of products and is the most critical procedure in machining.

(1) Hoist the combined double gear combination into the toothing and place the gear shaft upwards on the toothing.

(2) Correct large gear reference end runout is not more than 0.01 mm, gear shaft reference outer circle runout is not more than 0.01 mm, and compress double gear combination.

(3) Input grinding parameters in CNC system of gear grinder to start grinding wheel of gear grinder.

(4) Fit the repaired grinding wheel into the reference slot of the gear shaft, slowly adjust the grinding machine turntable and turn the grinding wheel manually so that the position of the grinding wheel is at the center of the reference slot. Find the angle value of the grinding machine turntable on the CNC panel and record it.

(5) Operate CNC rollers, move Z-axis of the gear grinder, move the grinding wheel into the groove of the large gear reference teeth, slowly adjust the gear grinder table and manually rotate the grinding wheel, check whether the position of the grinding wheel is in the center of the reference groove, confirm that there is no error, then the recorded angle value of the gear grinder table can be used as the starting point of the teeth grinding and input into the CNC system.

(6) Input grinding procedure to grind teeth.

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