Helical cylindrical gear and its transmission

Helical cylindrical gear

The cylindrical gear whose tooth line is helix is called helical cylindrical gear, which is abbreviated as helical gear.

Characteristics of helical cylindrical gear drive

(1) Stable transmission and high bearing capacity.

(2) Axial force is generated during transmission.

(3) It cannot be used as a variable speed slip gear

Calculation of geometric dimension of standard helical cylindrical gear

The standard module is used in the normal section, the standard tooth angle is used in the tooth shape angle, the tooth top height is equal to the module, and the helical cylindrical gear with the full tooth height is called the standard helical cylindrical gear, which is referred to as the standard helical gear for short.

Helical gears have involute tooth shape only in the plane (end plane) perpendicular to the gear axis. Therefore, the size of the tooth profile should be calculated in the end plane.

The correct Meshing Conditions of helical cylindrical gears for parallel shaft transmission

(1) The normal modulus of the two gears is equal.

(2) The normal tooth angles of the two gears are equal.

(3) The helix angles of the two gears are equal and the direction of rotation is opposite.

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