Hot forging cold finishing of spiral bevel gear

On the premise of the compound forming process of spiral bevel gear hot forging and cold finishing, combined with the characteristics of cold finishing, two forming process schemes of closed cold finishing and open cold finishing are studied. According to the analysis of the finishing quantity of spiral bevel gear tooth blank, the following conclusions are obtained:

a) The forming force of open cold finishing is lower than that of closed cold finishing. The spiral bevel gear adopts the closed cold finishing process scheme. In the process of finishing the tooth profile, the metal materials at the tooth profile of the spiral bevel gear can not flow out from the large and small ends of the tooth profile die in time, resulting in the increase of forming force and the reduction of the service life of the die.

b) Finishing quantity of tooth profile blank of spiral bevel gear λ It has an influence on the forming force. With the amount of finishing λ With the increase of, the metal material flows more violently, and its equivalent force increases. The forming force at the end of finishing increases with the amount of finishing λ Gradually increase with the increase of.

c) The split flow finishing of spiral bevel gear tooth top can reduce the forming force. The maximum flow velocity of the tooth root circle of the tooth profile part of the die is 36mm / s when it is expanded, while the maximum flow velocity when it is not expanded is 28.3mm/s. When the tooth root circle expands, the metal at each point of the tooth top of the spiral bevel gear tooth blank flows unrestricted to the tooth cavity of the female die, which reduces the metal flow resistance, reduces the forming force and improves the service life of the die.

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