Improvement of machining technology of large size and high precision spiral bevel gear

The design of side gear and quasi double-sided curved surface gear is the same as that of arc gear and quasi double-sided curved surface gear. The former is the radian of tooth line, and the latter is the outer line of extension line. Its formation principle is that there is a fixed circle with fixed radius on the swing table to represent the Simulation wheel, and there is a moving circle with certain radius. When the moving circle rolls completely on the fixed circle, Any path of the cutter head is an extended outer line. The cutter head for machining spiral bevel gears and hypoid teeth is called single-sided cutter head. All knives on the inner knife (or outer knife) have the same path, and only the tooth surface is formed on the contour line. The gears of the model form a contour line with each other. Different side thread plates and different tracks form different tooth profile surfaces, and the spiral bevel gear required by the tooth glue processed with the forming vehicle is used. In the process of gear processing, in order to obtain the relationship between the gear parameters, each parameter is marked on the extended outer line on the top of the wheel.

According to the data provided, the design of four ring gear is calculated. The difference is that the gear can use shrinkage value or higher gear, while the two-dimensional value can only use higher gear. At the same time, the following three points are different from the design of spiral bevel gears. The arc wheel design with different gear transmission functions proposed by different companies is mainly the motion transmission of automobile gears. In addition to the transmission of power, the stability of motion should also be considered. In other words, the overlap coefficient must be large, so the design of small module and multiple teeth is recommended. The side gear mentioned in this paper is mainly used for the design of large helical gear in large reducer to transmit power. Therefore, for large mode, it is recommended to use pinion, which will have good bending strength. Gears with a wide selection range according to the cutter head are generally processed into two-sided method, with high efficiency, However, due to the different spiral angles of the points in the broken lines on both sides of the large ring, the tooth lines on both sides of the large wheel. It may shrink abnormally, so it is necessary to correct the bottom of the gear, especially the arc wheel designed according to the high tooth, which can shrink the tooth lines on both sides of the large wheel normally. If processed in this way, the contour will shrink naturally, and the spiral angle of the middle point of the side teeth on both sides is the same as that of the cutterhead, so the selection of the cutterhead is not good, which is as strict as the gear of the screwdriver. It is recommended to select the cutterhead radius according to the table. According to it, to sum up, if the spiral bevel gear mentioned above adopts cycloid quasi involute gear system, the cutter head radius can also be selected according to the normal modulus of the midpoint.

With the rapid development of China’s heavy industry, mining, metallurgy, petroleum and other industries have an increasing demand for large-size spiral bevel gears. At present, the large-size spiral bevel gear used in China generally belongs to the side ultra-high value system, but this gear belongs to double cutter head. Special devices need to be used to process professional transmitters. Cutting tools and lathes are only produced in German companies. The gears are not ground after heating, and the precision is low. These deficiencies have an extremely adverse impact on the digital production of large-scale spiral bevel gears in China. In order to break the technical blockade and narrow the gap between China’s gear industry and the world’s gear power, it is of great practical significance to study the key technologies for the design and manufacture of large-size spiral bevel gears. Higher requirements are put forward for the design and manufacturing technology of large-size spiral bevel gears, and the solution of equal height arc gears with arc design is adopted. Compared with the side gear, the circular arc gear has the advantages of simple calculation and convenient adjustment. It can also be processed into a domestic unified full tool and half, and the gear grinding after heating can also be processed. It can improve the precision of gears.

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