Influence of alignment error and error coupling compensation on meshing characteristics of herringbone gear

(1) Based on the gear loading contact analysis method and golden section method, the loading contact analysis model of Herringbone Gear Considering alignment error is established, and a method to compensate alignment error by using herringbone gear assembly offset error is proposed. A contact model considering the coupling effect of assembly offset error and alignment error is established, and the reliability of the finite element method is verified by comparing the results of finite element analysis.

(2) The effects of different alignment errors on the tooth surface contact stress of herringbone gear pair are analyzed and compared. The alignment error makes the herringbone gear biased to the left and right, the contact stress of the helical gears at both ends is asymmetrically distributed, and the position of the contact stress deviates to the biased load end; When the alignment error increases, the tooth stress at the eccentric load end also increases, which reduces the service life and strength of the gear.

(3) The alignment error makes the herringbone gear pair have severe axial vibration in the early stage of loading stage, and the axial displacement and axial force also fluctuate greatly in the steady speed stage. The simulation results show that the fluctuation period of axial force is consistent with the gear meshing frequency, which will aggravate the time-varying stiffness impact caused by the periodicity of coincidence degree; With the increase of centering error, the oscillation amplitude and mutation of each stage are more frequent and violent, and its change curve is more chaotic, which affects the stability of the system.

(4) The initial clearance between the left and right teeth of herringbone gear pair with centering error is different, resulting in the axial movement of the gear to the eccentric load end. Using the compensation method of the coupling effect of assembly offset error and alignment error, through simulation calculation, the problems of eccentric load and axial vibration of gear pair are effectively improved, the stability of herringbone gear system is improved, and a new method for compensating herringbone gear alignment error is provided.

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