Influence of hub deformation on meshing characteristics of star gear reducer

Star gear transmission is a kind of transmission system with few internal teeth difference and internal translation. Compared with other small tooth difference and external translational drive systems, such as three ring reducer, star gear drive has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large transmission ratio and large bearing capacity, especially suitable for low speed and heavy load conditions, so it has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, electric power and other industries.

At present, scholars at home and abroad have done some research on star gear transmission system with small tooth difference. According to the substructure method and deformation compatibility equation, Zhang Jun et al. Analyzed the elastic statics and dynamics of star gear reducer with small tooth difference; Liu Binbin et al. Proposed the calculation method of tooth root bending stress of planetary gear with small tooth difference under multi tooth meshing, established the single tooth finite element model, and modified it; Using solid works simulation, Feng Xiaoning and others calculated the root bending stress of the planetary gear with small tooth difference, and further studied its overload capacity on this basis; Zhu caichao and others studied the actual contact tooth number of the three ring reducer; Yang Jiangbing and others carried out the dynamic contact simulation analysis of the planetary gear reducer with small tooth difference, and obtained its time-varying meshing stiffness curve and coincidence degree, but the hub situation was not considered in the modeling process; Li studied the numerical calculation method of the contact problem of the planetary gear reducer with small tooth difference, and established the theoretical model and finite element model. In addition, other scholars at home and abroad have also studied all kinds of small tooth difference transmission systems.

However, the above studies only consider the tooth part of the small tooth difference transmission, and most of these studies deal with the hub part as a rigid body. In the actual star gear reducer, the planetary gear hub transmits torque through the transmission crankshaft, and there is a thin wall between the two holes. Therefore, in the case of insufficient rigidity, the hub is prone to deformation, which will inevitably cause adverse effects on the gear mesh.

In SolidWorks, the author carries out three-dimensional modeling and virtual assembly of star gear transmission system. On this basis, ABAQUS is used to establish the finite element model of multi group aperture combination scheme of star gear transmission system, and static dynamic simulation is carried out.

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