Influence of setting parameters of hypoid gear machine on tooth surface

In addition to the change of cutter and cutter head parameters, the change of machine tool setting parameters will also cause tooth surface error. Therefore, this paper analyzes the influence of eight machine tool setting parameters, such as cutter angle, cutter angle, initial cradle angle and cutter position, on tooth surface. The results are shown in Figures 1 ~ 4

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that the cutter inclination angle, cutter angle, initial cradle angle and horizontal wheel position correction affect the deviation of tooth height direction, and the cutter position affects the deviation of tooth width direction. The change of vertical gear parameters has negative correlation on the whole tooth surface, the influence of tool position in the direction of tooth width presents positive correlation and negative correlation, and the influence of other parameters on tooth surface is positive correlation. The binomial coefficients of vertical wheel position, cutter position, bed correction and horizontal wheel position correction are all less than 10-3, which can be ignored and approximately regarded as linear.

The expression of tooth surface error sensitivity matrix of FH hypoid gear is given. The sensitivity of tooth surface error to tool and cutter head parameters and machine tool setting parameters is analyzed. The nonlinear sensitivity function of tooth surface error has the coupling problem of multiple machining parameters, and it is not suitable to directly use the linear error sensitivity matrix to reverse the adjustment of machining parameters. In the actual production, the adjustment items should be selected reasonably according to the tooth surface error form and equipment. The sensitivity matrix of tooth surface error obtained by the expression of tooth surface error has important application in the active design of tooth surface.

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