Influencing factors of heat treatment deformation of heavy truck gears

The deformation of heavy truck gearbox gear after carburizing and quenching is caused by the gear in the process of heat treatment, but the fundamental reason for the deformation is the change in the shape and size of the truck gear caused by the different organizational structure and state of each part of the truck gear, the different organizational transformation order of each part of the truck gear in the process of heat treatment, or the different stresses in each part.

These factors are closely related to many aspects, such as the shape of truck gear, the material of gear, the forging of gear blank, the pre heat treatment of gear blank, the cold working process and equipment of truck gear, the heat treatment process and equipment of gear, etc. for example, the organizational structure and organizational state are related to the specific composition of material and material quality, the quality of forging and pre heat treatment, and the imbalance of organizational transformation order and thermal stress are related to the shape of truck gear Heat treatment equipment is related to process, etc.

Therefore, to control the deformation of truck gear heat treatment, we should not only control it during heat treatment, but also take effective measures in the structural design of truck gear, the purchase and selection of materials and the manufacturing process before and after heat treatment.

In the actual production process, it is difficult for the heat treatment department to have more coordination ability with other departments, and more only take some measures in the aspects of materials and heat treatment itself to strengthen the deformation control of truck gear heat treatment. This is also the common practice of truck gear industry at home and abroad.

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