Initial conditions of spiral bevel gear simulation

In the swing rolling of spiral bevel gear, there are many factors affecting the forming quality and size of bevel gear. When the height diameter ratio of spiral bevel gear blank is large, the rotary rolling is easy to produce horn shape and may cause defects. The feed rate per revolution of swing head is large, which is not conducive to the blank forming of spiral bevel gear.

Blank materialAISI-4120
Die materialH13
Blank temperature (° C)850
Feed rate per revolution (mm / R)0.3
Friction factor m0.25
Swing head inclination5
Swing head revolution (rad / s)10.5
Swing head rotation (rad / s)9.42

The material of spiral bevel gear blank is aisi-4120 (20crmn steel) in Defrom-3D material library. The spiral bevel gear blank adopts absolute grid division. The minimum grid size of the initial unit is 0.8mm and the maximum grid size is 1.6mm. The finite element simulation process parameters of spiral bevel gear swing rolling are shown in the table.

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