Innovation in Research on Nonlinear Dynamics of Involute Spur Gear Drive System

The innovations of the research work can be summarized as follows:

(1) The coupling relationship between the acting direction of engagement force and the change of center distance, the change of engagement state of tooth surface and back of teeth is established. Combining with the simplified model of gear engagement plane force system, the non-linear dynamic model of involute spur gear drive yaw-torsion coupling is established, and the correctness of the model is verified by experiments, which lays a foundation for the non-linear dynamic analysis of vehicle transmission system.

(2) The coupling relationship between dynamic backlash and center distance change is established, and the coupling relationship between dynamic engagement stiffness and parameters such as profile modification, speed change, center distance change, tooth surface and back engagement state change is established. The non-linear dynamic engagement model of involute spur gear pair is established, and the non-linear dynamic model coupled with yaw-torsion yaw of gear drive is realized.Feedback calculation.

(3) Based on the yaw-torsion coupling non-linear dynamic model of involute spur gear drive system and aiming at reducing dynamic load coefficient, an optimal model for tooth profile modification is established, which realizes the multi-parameter optimization design and truly reflects the influence of modification parameters on the dynamic characteristics of gear drive, thus providing theoretical basis for the design of low-vibration and low-noise gear drive system.

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