Key parts of spiral bevel gear planetary reducer

The rudder plays an important role in the control of flight direction and attitude. The reducer of steering gear mainly includes ball screw, harmonic reducer and planetary reducer. Spiral bevel gear planetary reducer has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, small mass power ratio, fast response speed, high transmission accuracy and high reliability.

Due to the space limitation of the aircraft, the external dimension of the reducer has been determined. Therefore, the key parts of the spiral gear transmission and planetary gear train of the reducer are designed and studied. In order to prove the effectiveness and practicability of the finite element analysis method, the conventional design of the gear and the gear parameter design based on the finite element analysis method are carried out respectively.

1) According to the requirements of an aerospace vehicle, the spiral bevel gear planetary reducer is designed. Through the traditional calculation method and finite element analysis method, the strength of dangerous gear is checked, and the parts meet the technical requirements.

2) The strength and axial stiffness of the planetary carrier and box calculated by finite element analysis meet the requirements of the index.

3) The accuracy of finite element model method is higher. The traditional calculation method has a large range of parameters, which leads to a large range of product size. The finite element method can be used to design parts that meet the design requirements and the size is not too large or too small.

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