Kinematic geometry measurement concept of gear accuracy

Gear kinematic geometry measurement technology is a kind of technology to study and realize gear geometric error measurement from the perspective of gear kinematics, that is, under the mode / form equivalent to or similar to the motion transmission of gear as transmission element, or the mode / form equivalent to or similar to the generative motion mode / form of manufacturing mechanism when machining gear by generative method such as cutting / grinding / rolling, The measuring gear pair is composed of measuring elements (such as measuring gear, measuring worm, measuring rack or point / line / plane measuring head) and the measured gear.

With the help of generative moving scanning measurement technology or meshing rolling scanning measurement technology, through the measurement of the kinematic accuracy of the measuring transmission pair, the single geometric error, kinematic comprehensive error and kinematic / static overall error of a single gear can be measured.

The involute profile generating measurement method based on the involute generating principle of base circle is usually classified into the category of gear precision geometric coordinate measurement, and CNC gear measuring center is a typical representative of this instrument. Because its measurement is realized in the polar coordinate measurement system or cylindrical coordinate measurement system constructed by the instrument, its measurement mechanism is essentially different from the tangential comprehensive error measurement method or single point rolling scanning measurement method: the gear of the former is a geometric entity, and in the coordinate measurement system of the instrument, the gear of the former is a geometric entity, Measuring the tooth profile error according to the geometric coordinate relationship of involute belongs to the geometric measurement category of gear single error; The latter takes the measured gear as a transmission element and rolls with another measuring element to realize the measurement of gear motion error, so it should belong to the motion measurement category of gear error. There is no essential difference in measurement mechanism between the two methods.

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