L-Hypoid Gear Design System (part 1)

1 Introduction.

L-can hypoid Gear Design System design element gear tooth profile and calculate overall strength and so on. Hypoid gear is generally made of bevel gear generating machine. Therefore, tooth profile is determined by the functioning of the tool and the machine. However, this software gives the offset of the spiral bevel gear with spherical involute tooth profile, it analyzes and determines the profile of the pinion tooth. The screen is software L-hypoid gear design shown.

2 Gear dimensions.

The screen is a feature version shown in Fig.21.2. Neither can the standard input, where the numerical value uncertain, and there can spiral angles, tooth thickness, offset and tool radii, etc. are set freely.

3 Dimension calculation result.

All aspects as part of the hypoid gears calculated based on the standard AGMA2005-B88. The result is shown in Figure element. Accuracy Analysis, crowning relief and set the top of the tooth profile in Fig. 21.

4 on the input screen modified gear element.

A reference number crowning and tip relief is shown in Fig.21.5 (a) and 21.5 (b). When tooth contact pattern adjustment, adjust it and Crwt Crt. 4 Assembly drawing. Hypoid gear element and position shown.

5 Gear strength.

The strength calculation of hypoid gear based on the standards ANSI / AGMA 2003-A86. Power specification version shown.Also, Life Factor graph is shown. The standard value geometry factor (I, J) is shown, but the graph of change Fig.21.12 Fig.21.11 and freely consulted. The location screen the material, heat treatment, hardness and stress allowable number shown. The result is shown strength hypoid gear.