L-Hypoid Gear Design System (part 2)

6 rendering tooth.

The analysis of tooth profile based on the number distribution on the direction of the face width and direction of the tooth height. Tooth rendering is shown in Fig. 21.16 and Fig. 21.17. The tooth profile rendering shown in the figure piled Fig.21.18 the cutting cutter. The procedure is generating both gear tooth profile shown below.

(1) is the gear tooth profile curve sphericalinvolute.

(2) The appliance spiral curve radius determined by the tool.

(3) considers the pinion tooth profile of offset and is generating a tooth profile that meshes with the equipment.

7 CAD file.

Can the tooth profile of the pinion and the gear to be output in DXF and IGES file. A file output form shown in Fig. 21.19. Then, sample drawing CAD figure is shown.

8 Analysis of tooth contact pattern (Optional).

Version analysis and sample analysis shows the tooth contact pattern. Also, contact value is shown.

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