Load bearing characteristics of large gear rotor of integral multistage centrifugal compressor

Integral multistage centrifugal compressor is widely used in energy, air separation and chemical industry due to its compact structure, strong carrying capacity and high efficiency. At present, the technology of design, manufacture and application of integral multistage centrifugal compressor is mature abroad; Some domestic enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions have also carried out long-term research on it, but at present, it is still mainly introduced, digested and absorbed, and there is a significant gap with foreign advanced technology, especially the large-scale integral centrifugal compressor above grade 6 still mainly depends on import.

Ding Duan et al. Established the bending torsion coupling model of gear rotor bearing system, and studied the influence of increasing load on the dynamic characteristics of the coupling system at working speed. Zhang et al. Introduced a nonlinear time invariant gear meshing model and systematically studied the influence of gear stiffness excitation, gear clearance excitation, gear transmission error excitation and rotor system load on the gear meshing force of the rotor system based on the variation law of gear meshing force, and then obtained the vibration law of the rotor system, The calculation results are verified by the test results. Based on the basic principles of rotor dynamics and gear meshing, Xia boqian and others established the bending torsional coupling vibration equation of general gear coupling shafting, and carried out a detailed dynamic analysis of DH Compressor Rotor System. Based on the fuzzy FMECA method, Li Haiyang and others proposed a reliability evaluation method for gear manufacturing process, which improved the reliability of products in the gear manufacturing process. Gao Yukui and others described the importance and necessity of gear surface integrity manufacturing from the failure forms of gears, and discussed the current situation of gear surface integrity manufacturing at home and abroad and the future development trend of anti fatigue manufacturing technology. Ling Siying et al. Studied the principle and method of ultra precision gear grinding technology with the goal of developing standard gear with grade 1 accuracy. Guo et al. Studied a method of high efficiency manufacturing precision cylindrical gear by flexible milling on common machining center.

In recent years, there are many researches on the dynamic characteristics of rotor bearing system of integral multistage centrifugal compressor, but less on the load model and precision manufacturing process of each individual rotor. The pitch circle linear speed of the large gear shaft system in the rotor is high, and the stress situation is complex. The dynamic / static analysis before design is particularly important. At the same time, the large gear has large diameter and high precision, and its precision manufacturing technology is also a challenge; Therefore, in order to master the core technology of the integral multi-stage centrifugal compressor, it is necessary to study the bearing characteristics and precision manufacturing process of the key rotor, namely the big gear.

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