Machining technology of double drive gear

The blank is determined to be abrasive forging. After cleaning, the blank is positive-heat quenched and ground to effectively eliminate internal stress of the blank and improve the machining technical performance of the machined cutting machine. Careful inspection and analysis are carried out in the blank workshop to meet the specified processing technical performance requirements of the blank.Then the blank is sent to other machining workshops for machining, grinding, forging, normalizing, rough grinding, finishing roller outer circle and grinding end surface – roller wire drawing spline hole – gear hobbing deburring – finishing wheel outer circle, end surface – bus inspection – razor roller grinding teeth – razor cutter teeth – gear reverse angle – gear hobbing deburring – raking – razor hobbing – tooth section high frequency grinding, quenching – broaching push hole – derived hobbing – bus quality.Check.

In the theory of machining technology, in order to obtain the precise surface of the machined part, the ideal machining principle and precise forming movement must be adopted.However, in practical work, it is difficult to achieve the precise principle of machining technology, and there is a large gap with the ideal value.If only pursuing accurate theory, it will seriously affect the processing efficiency and can not reach the expected economic benefits.

A two-wheel parallel gear is actually two driving gears connected in two.This kind of single-wheel and double-wheel compound gear is widely called double-wheel sliding parallel gear in the transmission train (e.g. transmission). The equipment manufacturing process precision of the double-wheel parallel gear itself will have a great direct impact on the normal working movement performance, bearing capacity and service life of the whole transmission machine.Through the above articles, I hope to bring some reference to the process flow of double gear shaft machining in China, so as to promote the development of national economy.

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