Machining technology of high precision mechanical gear

1.Involute machining technology

Involute gear manufacturing is a common manufacturing method for high-precision gear processing in China. Therefore, the relevant manufacturing industry needs to shift its focus to the involute gear processing technology. There are two machining methods and three machining processes for involute gear. The processing methods are drawing method and showing method. Drawing method, as the name suggests, is to operate according to the model designed before processing. The display rule needs to be operated with the help of milling machine and other equipment to fully show the overall process of gear processing and manufacturing. In the three kinds of gear processing technology, hobbing machine manufacturing method is the most widely used. The operator needs to operate the hob equipment, adjust the roller shape and the number of gears according to the relevant parameters of the whole machine, and analyze the gear situation when necessary. In addition, the processing technology of gear shaping and gear shaving and gear grinding are also introduced.

When using gear shaping technology, technicians need to predict the shape of gear. And adjust the rack and tooth surface to a proper angle. When shaving and grinding are used, the technicians use shaving cutter and grinding wheel to process gears. It should be noted that different processing technologies have different requirements for heat treatment sequence. For example, before the heat treatment, the shaving cutter needs to complete the gear cutting step, while the grinding wheel needs to be used for gear grinding finishing after the heat treatment.

2.Hot front hobbing process

Due to the cost, small module workpieces are processed with integral hobs, which are usually made of coated high-speed steel or powder metallurgy, and the number of heads is 1-3. After the tool is used, it needs to be polished and returned to a professional manufacturer for re coating. Because of the low cost performance, integral carbide hobs are rarely used; Because the hob body is too large and its cost is too high, the gear with large module is generally designed as insert hob. Such hob needs to check the wear degree of each blade regularly, and replace the worn or broken blade. For large module gear (generally m > 22), gear milling cutter is generally used.