Manufacturing simulation of driven spiral bevel gear blank

For the blank of a driven spiral bevel gear of ZHY gear, the production process and die of the driven spiral bevel gear are deeply studied by using the three-dimensional finite element software DEFORM-3D, so as to provide a theoretical basis for formulating a reasonable production process and prolonging the service life of the die. The main research contents include:

(1) The structural characteristics and forming difficulties of the driven spiral bevel gear blank are analyzed, the forging and forming die are designed, the preliminary design of the whole process forming scheme of the driven spiral bevel gear blank manufacturing is completed, and the finite element model is established to simulate the whole process.

(2) Aiming at the important step of the whole process – ring rolling process, the influence of different initial preform height on the energy consumption of the whole process and the shape after ring rolling is analyzed.

(3) The effects of die hardness, forging speed, die preheating temperature and blank initial temperature on die load and wear are studied. The optimized parameter combination is obtained and verified. DEFORM software can calculate the cumulative wear of all steps in a single forging process. Generally, it can be calculated by the allowable range of die wear and single wear. This method of estimating die wear life according to the simulated wear amount and allowable dimensional tolerance of one-time forging can be used as a basic reference for die wear life evaluation.

(4) Aiming at the problem of thermal fatigue failure of die, the maximum equivalent stress and temperature of die are analyzed, and the effects of die cavity geometry parameters and forming process parameters on die stress field and temperature field are studied respectively. The local stress-strain method based on the fatigue cumulative damage theory is selected to roughly estimate the thermal fatigue life of the die.

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