Manufacturing technology of spiral bevel gear in China

The research on the manufacturing technology of spiral bevel gear in China started relatively late. In 1971, Chinese researchers began to study the meshing mechanism of spiral bevel gear transmission from the mathematical formula theory, and took “Gleason gear system” as the initial goal.

In the 1990s, the six axis five linkage CNC gear milling machine yk2212 based on spiral bevel gear independently developed by Central South University came out, and the first seven axis five linkage CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine YK2045 in China was successfully developed in the early 21st century. Later, YK2050 spiral bevel gear grinding machine tool and yk205a with Bush drum inner eccentric mechanism were successfully developed.

In 2008, China successfully developed the world’s largest spiral bevel gear processed by grinding, which makes China no longer restricted by foreign technology monopoly, breaks the gap in China’s manufacturing of spiral bevel gear, and successfully solves the bottleneck that key components in the field of heavy equipment cannot be independently developed.

In 2010, after two years of independent research and development, Hunan Zhongda Chuangyuan CNC company developed the world’s largest seven axis five linkage full CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine tool, completed mass production and successfully put into the market, which was accepted by the majority of customers.

In 2011, fan Haibin of Jilin University and other scholars deeply studied the meshing transmission principle of spiral bevel gear and the characteristics of profile line cutting method, and designed the grinding mode of spiral bevel gear by using the profile line principle, which avoided the error in the grinding process and greatly improved the performance of spiral bevel gear.

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