Market scale of gear industry in 2025 or nearly 300 billion yuan

“In 2019, the gear industry as a whole maintained a stable situation, which was not significantly affected by the international impact. The export situation was basically the same as last year, with 15% – 20% growth in the field of small module gears.” Shi Zhaoyao, vice president of the gear and electric drive branch (cg-ma) of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, said that the gear industry is now in the fourth growth cycle, which is the industrial upgrading stage of the gear industry. In 2025, it may reach a market scale of nearly 300 billion yuan.

Shi Zhaoyao introduced that in 2019, affected by the national macro policies, the demand for construction machinery gears increased significantly, the wind power gearbox situation was also good, and the transformation of gear products to electromechanical modules continued to accelerate. At the same time, it should also be seen that the demand for automobile gears has further declined, the manual transmission has further declined, the automatic transmission has also declined to a certain extent, and the gears of new energy vehicles have been greatly reduced.

Gear is an indispensable basic part of the mechanical industry, and the small module gear is in a very special position in the gear industry. Its industry scale is far smaller than the medium module based vehicle gear, but the irreplaceable small module gear makes it a key part of precision machinery, intelligent home, instruments, aviation equipment, service robots and other equipment. “The field of small module gears has led the growth of the gear industry as a whole this year, and will continue to maintain this trend in the future, with micro gears and micro drive systems as the main development direction.” At the same time, Shi Zhaoyao pointed out five urgent problems of small module gear

First, the volume of leading enterprises is small, so it is urgent to cultivate leading enterprises in the industry;

Second, the innovation ability is weak;

Third, the national platform is blank, and the construction of national platform is an urgent task in the field of small module gear;

Fourth, there are few national key R & D projects;

Fifth, the standard of small module gear is missing.

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